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Besp-oak are a prestigious trade furniture company based in Coventry. They are wholesalers who import many of their products, including solid oak furniture, from Vietnam. Visits to the warehouse are by appointment only.

The Requirement

Recognising the need to modernise the outward appearance of their building, design and install new glazing and a shop front to better reflect the quality of products on offer.

The Approach

We first removed the existing shutters, shop front and doors which Midland Shop Fronts supplied 15 years previously.

Approach image

Original frontage

We provided consultancy regards the exact positioning of the shop fronts, as many factors required careful consideration – the floor, ceiling, lighting, and rendering all needed to align and be in proportion.There were very high expectations to ensure all went to plan and to deadline. We liaised with multiple contractors throughout the project life cycle, to ensure our product matched their vision.A risk assessment was to be conducted for the rendering – how would this render finish compare as to the plans? We had to find a colour that matched as closely as possible.

The Result

The turnaround time, from consultancy through to completion, was 3 months, but time spent on site was just 3 days. The agreed timeframes were met precisely and our client was very happy with the results.

The Benefits

Besp-oak have expanded their range of quality products, and the modernised frontage will encourage higher footfall and expectations, from both returning and prospective clients. This new image helps to maintain, and further build on, the quality for which they are renowned.

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